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How do I create a voice?



  • tomas1313

    I have created my voice but how do I use it now?

  • ussser

    Download windows software and you should be able to see it under My Voices.

  • Nolfinkol

    For best results, this audio should be mono channel, 44.1Hz, 16-bit, and .wav format. 

    This information would be very useful to have on the site for users to see when they're trying to upload files. I already uploaded a ton of .ogg stereo files so now I wanna go back and convert them to fit these specifics to see what kind of difference it makes. 

  • Meme charger

    Does it matter what types of audio files you use for the voice you upload?
    Can I use .ogg, .wav, .m4a and .mp3 files for instance?

    Or are some of them not supported?

  • AMannlyMann

    What should the 15 minutes of audio be of ideally? A specific script or literally just anything?

  • kira

    I created my custom voice and when I pressed to use it in the windows app I saw than it must be trained. So I pressed "TRAIN", it took 4600 coins and the next day i recieve an email that my voice is complete. But I still can`t use it, when I press it writes need to train again. How can I use it or listen ?

  • Hassan


  • A1O1

    Do we have to keep a tab open for the voice to build or can we close it once it has started?

  • hermione

    I don't see an "upload" button. I only a "save" button. But when I press that it seems like it's loading but then it stops. Nothing happens.

  • hermione

    Solved: I guess the size of the picture was too much for

  • Halgord_K

    This is cheat you do with people when you tell them you can upload easy your voice, I upgrade to pro but still I can't. 

  • Solomaha

    This doesn't really explain what to do.

    What kind of audio files does it need? How long should they be for optimal voice creation? Does it need to say anything in particular, or does any random conversation work as well as any other?

    Where are actual instructions, and why aren't they easy to find?


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