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How do I create a voice?



  • tomas1313

    I have created my voice but how do I use it now?

  • coolTiger

    Download windows software and you should be able to see it under My Voices.

  • Nolfinkol

    For best results, this audio should be mono channel, 44.1Hz, 16-bit, and .wav format. 

    This information would be very useful to have on the site for users to see when they're trying to upload files. I already uploaded a ton of .ogg stereo files so now I wanna go back and convert them to fit these specifics to see what kind of difference it makes. 

  • Ronaldo

    Does it matter what types of audio files you use for the voice you upload?
    Can I use .ogg, .wav, .m4a and .mp3 files for instance?

    Or are some of them not supported?

  • AMannlyMann

    What should the 15 minutes of audio be of ideally? A specific script or literally just anything?


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