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How can I add a voice in Voice Universe?



  • Kemerd

    I cannot view my voice in the app after uploading it and seeing it online

  • rohi

    i can't upload any voice in my account either. it doesn't bring part at all because i want them to upload the voice. 
    when i hit the button, it just brings me to pick an avatar. choose a language and that's it!

  • Alex

    Could you please join the server in discord so I can see what the problem is? It would help the project a lot rohi

  • Miguel Bonilla

    Hola! Ya cargue mi foto para el avatar y cargue varios audios con mi voz, pero al darle clic a construir o al darle clic en ahorrar ambos me envían un aviso que dice: Éxito! Advertencia el campo de nombre es obligatorio y en el campo de Nombre ya escribí mi nombre completo y mis dos apellidos y vuelvo a dar clic y me vuelven a salir esos anuncios, Que debo hacer?

  • PNMCarrie777Railfan
    No ho he de veure bé, per fi suposo que seré aquí.
  • PNMCarrie777Railfan
    이제 Windows 3.0b로 다운그레이드 중입니다.
    한국어로 보여요
  • makara

    I can not see my voice please help.

  • wingstrong

    where's tech support? People upload voices and it stays in draft and no voice is actually created! People ask how to solve this but you don't answer. And I'm having the same problem

  • karenconway6402

    @rohi, I have registered, I have downloaded the app. I did add an mp3 cloned voice and an avatar, name, language and category and saved. But when I want to select the voice and use it , I can't find it to use. Please how can I used my custom voice that I have already uploaded? And then also use it real-time.

  • paralenium

    i was made a voice by my voice but in action application not stabilize and it was crash for several time during uploading  or application dont download voice and have error.its very annoing and make me nurves .please add support section on your application .i was buy  pro version of your application but i dont able to make any voice at all . 


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