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No audio output in applications but Record Mode and Hear yourself work



  • M4d83112

    Wow I would be surprised if this helped anyone. I have this issue and this oddly specific answer won't help us all.

    Edit: A lovely person on the support channel helped me find a solution to this issue! They suggested uninstalling, downloading a certain program called DriverStoreExplorer (, and using it to remove any drivers that had in it. In my case, I only found one driver. After uninstalling both and the driver(s), reinstall This worked for me and I hope it can help someone else. Cheers.

  • radiodemon

    Yea, I have the mic options, but they won't actually give audio

  • Junny

    I think what did it was my Visual C++. I basically ending up reinstalling/updating it:

    Before that though, I made sure all my current audio drivers were up-to-date. I then reinstalled Visual C++ and once again, deleted Voice.AI, used DriverStore to delete any leftover drivers. THEN restarted my PC. Reinstalled Voice.AI, and it's working fine now. PHEW.



    Having the same issue. No solution yet.

    Tried both updating my Windows, and also the DriverStore thing. Still not working. I can hear myself fine in Recorded / Live / Hear Myself. But when selecting the Input in Discord (and tried VRChat too), it says no audio detected from my mic. My Windows default is even the Input as well. And yes, I am aware it does not work with 'Hear Yourself' active.

    Also, btw, the Input shows as "Microphone Array ( Audio Cable)" not "CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable).

    Update: Installed VB and set it up - and still no changes in anything. Still no audio detected.

    P.S. I've tested it with 4 mics. All work in-software, none work in outside programs/games. Blue Yeti, Antlion ModMic, Corsair Void Pro (Wireless), & a C920 webcam.

  • radiodemon

    I figured it out, it doesn't work if you have it set to hear yourself 

  • KJL1985

    Having the Same issue. Saw that I was on Windows 10.0.19044 so I went ahead and updated.  I am now on 10.0.19045.2728.

    Updated all drivers, Did the DriverStoreExplorer, Reinstalled C++. Uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted, did the whole nine yards. It shows the Audio Cable, but when I pull up manage audio devices  The audio cable doesn't ever show anything going through it even when I have it turned on (and not set to "hear yourself"). It and other programs identifies the Audio cable, but no sound will move through it.


  • skywallkee

    I actually have this issue on Windows 11. I've used the application yesterday, but today it just doesn't want to work anymore. I've tried all the above (reinstalling C++, deleting the drivers and application, restarts over restarts) and it didn't seem to fix it at all.
    I can hear it on the recording and in hear test, but it doesn't output any sound if I'm enabling it for other applications. The input source doesn't record any type of sound. Got no idea what else to do to fix it.

  • francisco_15_09

    not working at all , and I test that drivers arent the problem. Idk what would cause this hope they fix it.


  • 4Ndre

    i have the same problem and did all the things said above, still no audio coming out of the voice changer? any ideas or fix?

  • Schultzy

    I can hear myself and the voice changer is working, but the application will not output to any applications. I followed all of the directions above and still do not have any output from VOICE.AI into my applications. My Windows version is Windows 10.0.19045 (not 44). 

  • ajdownside

    same issue here, none of the above steps work.

    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22621.2215]

    i9 processor, RX Vega56 gfx, Windows 11.

  • Pawandeep

    Hi I Need help I have tried updating my windows used windows 11 on other laptop.. the issue I'm facing that in recording mode it works fine but in live mode the person cant hear me properly sometime the voice breaks out of 10 words they can hear 2-3 words only.... please help im using desktop i3 processor.... please guide how can it work properly on whats app and other app.

  • momop


  • ammiel19023

    i cant hear myself

  • cybereagle

    I am also on Windows 11 (Version 10.0.22000.2538) and no longer works with Zoom - it was working on then it stopped.  I tried all the steps but nothing helps.  I can record myself directly without issue but the Streaming option does not work when turned on.  Of interest, if I use the virtual audio but leave the streaming off, the microphone still works so I think this is an issue with software and not the OS.


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