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4090 on your network… little movement on build?



  • Phantomskys

    I am in the same ballpark as you too Jonvisser, I have uploaded my own voice build and i have also been offering my Compute power using my own 4090 card and to no avail, I have been waiting 2 days for my voice to finish on their network smh

  • Abbas

    guys I am facing the same issue.  I have been waiting 1 day for my voice to finish. I’ve not move from 664 in the que. seems totally waste of time 

  • jonvisser

    And why is the long comment i took time to type out above "pending approval", too many words used?

  • Kusanagi

    my 4090 is bieng detected as a "low-end" gpu now. pretty silly and frustraiting



    The time it takes to generate your audio depends on the size of the file. It can range from seconds for small files to a couple of minutes for larger ones. However, on occasions, the voice building queue can be backlogged due to high user demand, and delays of up to 2-3 days can occur. 

    Please note that only Pro users have the ability to generate voices.


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