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Not happy at all...



  • ryal

    Same..... i am so frustrated. took me 30 min to find out how to even login on their website and then there is no information. jsut a place to buy credits but it doesnt even tell me how i can use them. I jsut want to be able to record more than 15 seconds as i have content to make. I signed up for a trial and it still only lets me do 15 seconds. this is the least user friendly platform i have come across in years its driving me nuts

  • SilverSurfer

    Hey mate if it helps, i managed to figure out that if you go into the settings and allow it to be used by other programs you can then use it in the Live function and record yourself in the other program. I go into OBS then choose it as the microphone provider which then uses the chosen AI voice then just record myself in there

  • ryal

    Thanks so much !!


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