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TUTORIAL - How to cancel subscription of credit card



  • saomtowfiq

  • BlackCatStorm

    I have not been given an email stating that the subscription was cancelled.

  • saomtowfiq

    You will get one when your payment cycle will end. At the end of the subscription , they will try to charge you again but there will be no payment method left. Then you will get this mail. Read the mail carefully


  • chrisdebney



  • Permanently deleted user

    need help canceling my card


  • Jinafi

    they removed this method i wanted to cancel my trial couldnt find a way had to remove my credit card from the paypal account why are they making it hard to cancel? weird

  • Tzie

    no joke , this helped me sooo muchh .

    i actually just wanted to test the voices etc but its sooo bad for me personally and also i already had VoiceMod perma which is wayy more better than this (for Real Time Voice Changer not record and voice change)

    and dk why its so hard to cancel it , if other apps its so easy to cancel but not and for those reasons , im out.

    but huge thanks to you my guy , really saved me here and hope will save more people !

    still functionable and i cancel this in 27/12/2023 

    so if further update they make it unavailable , that sucks fr

    wish yall the best

  • レイトウ

    I followed your method and it actually worked!

    Hoping the people will use your method to cancel the trashy subscription.


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