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Why can't I train a new voice despite the fact that I have enough credits?



  • Ralkey

    Since you're only allowed to train 1 model

    this is just a sh#tty business model

  • LadyDelay

    I've turned mine off and won't turn it back on until I'm allowed to use my credits. Fix your app.


    You should be able to train and use our user-generated voices with your credits. Having said that, we now have 3rd party voice models in our library and those can only be trained by upgrading your subscription. Go ahead and try these steps:

    • Close our app from your system tray and then reopen it.
    • Check which version of our software you have, if it's an older version of then we advise on updating or reinstalling our app. 

    Are you trying to train a specific voice, and if so, which one? If it’s not a 3rd party voice model and you have enough credits for the voice you want? Please email us these details at so we can try other steps.

  • meso

    you guys all of a sudden started doing this  Super shady

  • requsername

    Yeah, I've already deleted and removed the app. What's the point of having 100k+ credits if I can only train one voice? What's my incentive to give you my computer's processing power? I could train my own voice, but then why have everyone publicly upload their training voices if no body can use it? 

    This tool is going down faster than the titanic

  • Jakub,

    You can train any voice for 4600 credits. This voice will be unlocked for you forever. To use the 3rd party voices, you will need a PRO subscription. 


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