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Hear yourself, live and recording mode don't work



  • Official comment


    It seems like you might have some issues with your speakers or your audio cable. Can you check the following?

    1. VoiceAI audio cable and speakers are showing in Device Manager and working properly ( to check the status, double click them inside the Device Manager)
    2. Check the VoiceAI audio cable and speakers status inside Windows sound settings under Playback and Recording devices
  • wholemilk

    I checked what you said, and everything was working properly and in order except for the audio output. In the device manager, I checked the status and it said everything was fine but I couldn't find it in System > Sound under Speakers. I could not add it either as it doesn't show under any of the options for Add Device.

  • int64

    This happened to me when using Nvidia Broadcast software, I closed it, restarted and it worked ok! I also reinstalled SteelSeries Sonar when troubleshooting, maybe its related.


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