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Warning! Your GPU does not support Live Mode!



  • milk

    My GPU is AMD RX580. I can use it yesterday, but I was prompted that I do not support it today. Is it the problem with my device or the software update? If it is the software update, will my graphics card continue to be supported in the future?

  • Alex

    If you have a video card with minimal specifications and  Live Mode was previously working for you try close everything that could use the video card: games, youtube, video players, chrome etc. and close and reopen to try it again.

  • r_1nx

    My GPU is gtx 1050 ti Is I can open the live mode, but how? My GPU is NVIDIA voice ai


  • Simone2

    I have a brand new computer "12th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-1280P Processor (E-cores up to 3.60 GHz P-cores up to 4.80 GHz)" and it says I have a Integrated Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics.  Does this mean I can't use this now? Was so looking forward to trying it but it's giving me the error message that I can't do live.  Please let me know as I might return my laptop and exchange it as I was told this was top of the line laptop. Thanks.

  • Selystria

    Simone2: Hate to say it but that's an integrated graphics card. It is a really bad GPU and likely will never be supported by Voice AI.


    r_1nx: The GTX 1050 ti does not meet minimum GPU requirements as you can see in the graphic that was posted.

  • Lost_Soenke09

    I have a Radeon RX570 and cant use the Live mode

  • Selystria

    Lost_Soenke09 You are right on the cusp of supported GPUs. As long as your GPU has 8GB of VRAM and you open Voice AI on a fresh reboot of your PC it should work.

  • Quandale dingle

    I have a AMD Ryzen 9 5000 series, Is this compatible or a glitch? It does not work for me.

  • mem

    I am using an AMD FirePro W 5100 and am told I cannot do live recording.  Is that true???



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