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How to get credits by allowing my PC to be used?



  • Official comment
    Voice AI

    After opening software click on your credits and under the Coin packages click on Earn Free Credits.

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Step 3:

  • Simone2

    I'm wondering too on this.  I see that it's loading something but can anyone explain what it will actually do? I'm not really understanding this and also how to train? How do we train? I can not find any instructions and maybe this could be described a bit better.  

  • Selystria

    Right now, the metamodel training does nothing. It pings the server every 2 minutes and gives everyone 15 credits every 2 minutes.

    Once is out of beta, they plan to implement proper metamodel training where we can volunteer to offer some of our computing power to train the metamodel in exchange for credits.

    The metamodel is the big AI model which tells what a human voice sounds like and is used to train any voices created by the community.

  • DarkSoundLab

    What happened to this feature? Are we no longer able to earn credits for metatraining?

  • Jakub,

    Hello DarkSoundLab,

    You are. Simply navigate to Settings > MetaModel Training and turn AutoTrain On


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