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how credit works?



  • shamozzgf

    they should find a better way to give credits tbh

  • Finnegan

    The entire UI needs to be rethought.  Nothing intuitive, and even more confusing when half of the task of creating a new voice is handled through your internet browser and not the app.  They really need a fully functional dashboard and they can do away with that useless browser page at that just shows a bunch of new voices either built or being built by every user out there, but that you can't sample or do anything with at all.  

    I haven't successfully built a voice yet for a rainbow of reasons, so I'm waiting for a single success before I cast judgement whether or not this has been worth the expense (premium).  Even if the voice I'm trying to build is exactly what I hope for, it takes a LONG LONG time to build it.  It sounds like they may have overtaken their own plumbing and launched before they were truly ready for hundreds or thousands of people coming on board and taxing their limited resources, which would be fine by me so long as there is open communication from the team about the ongoing process and improvements yet to come.  

    They really should work on the communication and make a more functional and logically arranged dashboard.


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